Discover Cattolica

Sweet queen of the Adriatic sea

Lulled by the sea and surrounded by green hills, Cattolica is the city of Romagna that for everyone means hospitality, cordiality and well-being.

The land of Cattolica

Cattolica offers many services to tourists and it is impossible not to taste the goodness of the Romagna cuisine. The Queen knows how to entertain her guests: free time and evenings are filled from May to September with shows, events, exhibitions and festivals.

San Bartolo natural park

Excellent meeting point for bicycle and treking lovers thanks to the 16 km of the San Bartolo Park overlooking the Adriatic Sea, full of villages and marked paths, fantastic deuring the sunset.

City Centre

The historic center also offers a suggestive glimpse of the past and a visit to the Malatesta Fortress or to the church of Sant 'Apollinare and San Pio.

And in the evening, Cattolica offers the opportunity to stop for a drink in the numerous disco / bars, pubs and wine bars, or take a walk to the nearest Gabicce Mare.

Experience the hospitality and warmth of Romagna

Land of culture and tradition